Lately, different relationships that I have with people have been on my mind. Sometimes you may find it hard to be a friend and a supporter. The questions are if your a friend do you really have to support your friends in things that they do. Well, I have thought about this several times and realize that there are different ways to support a friend. You don’t always have to buy what their selling or attend an event that their having. But what I’ve learned is support is something that is truly important and valued to someone who is a true friend.

I can support you in many different forms if you are selling a product that I’m not interested in I can spread the word to others by advertising for you. The same goes for if you’re having an event I can advertise as well as show my support by donating or helping prepare in any way that you need me to. You’re not supporting by not doing nothing at all or saying you are going to do something and you don’t. Sometimes we expect so much from people that we call our friends and, that is not always what we should do.

Not everyone is going to support you the way you support them and we have to realize this. Value each relationship that you have but take the time to know how much of that value is honored by each person. Relationships are not perfect but its the value that you put into that makes them work. It’s just like anything else you have to be committed to the process and the development.

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