Investing is a task in itself taking the time to do your research of the stocks that you want to invest in is a big part. The research that you do is valuable and you have to take your time to do it. The first thing you when investing is knowing what you investing in. I started investing because I wanted to learn snd see what the stocks were about. I also wanted to plan for the future a little better. I always wondered how stocks worked so I took the time to learn on my own. It was hard and it still is to this day. I learned that having at least 100 shares in a stock to actually earn from it. You also need to be a long term investor when you are buying stocks. Keep an eye on your stocks but don’t look at them everyday unless your trading them. I only look at mines once a week unless I’m getting ready to buy another stock. I try and make the right choices but I’m still learning.

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