What inspires you?

There are truly many things that inspire me but what inspires me the most is knowing that I can help another person with what I’ve learned. Our life lessons or short stories as I call them can heal another person beyond measure. Being good at something is just a tasks in itself but being great at something is so fulfilling you just don’t know what joy it brings until you can sit back and think about it. We all have a purpose and we all have a life to live and enjoy. It’s not asking to much to share the things you’ve learned throughout life with someone else. There is no harm in it so why do so many cringe at the idea of doing such a thing. We are always quick to judge and put down but why is it so hard to praise and uplift. Are we truly that selfish that we rather hurt then help someone. We do to much picking and choosing for things that are as simple as apple pie and ice cream. Learn to love one another so they can to love someone else. As the famous Bob Marley sang ONE LOVE, ONE LOVE.


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