Believe in it

Its a hard battle but we must focus and stay true. If you don’t believe in yourself how do you expect anyone to believe in you. Consistency is all you need and everything else will follow. Be strong and follow through the world awaits your dreams.


Garden of Life

I decided to take a journey of becoming healthy and growing my own vegetables and herbs. This was something that I had been thinking about for a while and finally decided to go ahead and do it. I’ve been reading a lot about taking care of yourself as a whole and eating is one of the biggest things that you struggle with. I know for me food has always been there and those healthy choices you really don’t think about until you start getting older. This day and time we have to start paying more attention to eating in the beginning. You always hear the talk about processed foods and how they’re no good for you, and the things they do to your body that causes harm in the long run.

Starting a simple garden can bring a new found life to you and the experience is so worthwhile. In the beginning, you are a little worried because you think that this is not going to work out right. You feel like a little kid in a candy store when you see the progress that your garden is achieving. You’re so excited you don’t know what to do you want everyone to see and know what you have done. The best part is being able to taste a piece of something that you worked hard to create. Not to mention just looking at it grow into something so beautiful. That is the joy I feel when I look at my garden and capture the progression that it is making. Never thought that I from New York would one day say I have a garden and I did it myself. Some achievements just have the greatest feelings.

The most important thing during this process for me is that I watch it develop from being nothing until becoming something. You take a little tiny seed and watch it grow into something. To me, that reminded me of life and how we start out as a little seed and grow to become something great. The process of growth will not always be easy but if you take the time to nurture love and care for it you will see the results. Yes, there are going to be some rough days where you won’t get much growth but if you stay consistent and discipline things will come together. We have to take the time and learn how to take care of things so they do grow into something beautiful.

Progress is made by allowing things to have a natural order and process about them.

Being professional vs just arrogant.

I consider myself a professional when it comes to my job and things that I’m passionate about. I believe you are suppose to have a certain degree of professionalism in different situations. Being that person has brought me a long way in life. This is important to me not just because it’s my job but because it’s one of those traits you are suppose to have.

Take pride in that and always be a true professional even when you just want to punch someone in the throat. Yes, it may be hard but remember you are bigger then that and you conduct yourself in the most professional manner as you can. Never let someone take you out of your element.

Mental Health Awareness Month in May 2019

It’s mental health awareness month and what better way then to talk about some different issues that people encounter. There are many people who are still afraid and scared about having mental health conditions even though mental health has been making a mark in society these days. The fear is something that captures everyone and it’s not like talking about the latest dance, music or sports. This is a serious issue and it affects so many people. We just have to get better at talking about it and being more supportive of those that are going through it.

There are 1 and 5 American adults that will have a diagnosable mental health conditions each given year. This is something that we need to talk about and continue to talk about. Let your friends, family and co-workers know that they can talk about it and there are places to go to get the help that they need. Always support a healthy mind and body it is important for you as well as others.




Build it.

So many times we don’t realize our power of the mind,body and soul. We need to allow ourself to build our structure first. If you have you structure in place you can continue to build on it. Empower not divide.

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